Why was the name Leo Music chosen?

Christopher Barry

Christopher Barry has always held making music near and dear to his heart. From when he first learned to play the guitar as a child through playing live shows with his band during his college years at the University of Virginia. But as some would say, life gets in the way and music fell on the backburner as he launched his career and raised his children. As the years have passed, Christopher has had the opportunity to focus more on himself.

When he met his former girlfriend in LA, he learned that they shared the same birthday and both held their shared zodiac sign at high importance. It encouraged him to first write a poem that evolved into his love song titled August 4th. Writing this new song reignited his passion for creating original music and inspired him to pursue his dream. Because it was his love song that influenced him to open Leo Music he saw it fit the name be related to both the song and the Leo sign they shared. With Leo traits including being ambitious, powerful and loving to be at center stage, there is no doubt that Leo Music was the right choice. Now Christopher and the Leo Music team are revisiting songs Christopher has written throughout the years and bringing them to life.