About Us

Christopher Barry, born and raised in Norfolk, VA, began playing acoustic guitar at a young age. He found playing the guitar relaxing and fun, he especially appreciated writing out the lyrics to some of his favorite songs and practicing along as the tracks would play.

Leo Music - Music from the heart of a Lion

He became intrigued with playing live shows after he was asked to play guitar during a school performance while in school and by the time he was in high school, he increased his music repertoire significantly. His musical influences include a wide variety of artists in multiple music genres including REM, The Police, Hoodoo Gurus, Guns N Roses. Michael Jackson, Run DMC, and Fleetwood Mac.

He attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, in the 1990s and was inspired to start a rock band named Big Red Engine. They played at fraternity parties and night clubs throughout central Virginia. While it was fun performing cover songs by other established bands, Christopher along with the other band members of Big Red Engine decided they wanted to write their own lyrics and original songs resulting in their studio album titled “Uncertain Times”. Unfortunately, Big Red Engine did not stick together so they were not able to showcase or market their original songs at the time.

Writing songs with Big Red Engine

Writing songs with Big Red Engine, however, was such a profound and positive experience for Christopher, it motivated him to continue bringing other original songs to life today as a way to express himself. His songs are an artful blend of acoustic strumming/picking with soulful singing. While Christopher occasionally sings, he prefers to choose singers who successfully transfer the intended energy to perform his songs.

Recently, he and Gene Carr have teamed up to form the backbone of Leo Music. Gene and Christopher have been best friends for many years, and Gene is able to capture and perform vocals that give their music a quite unique texture. When they perform live together, they thoroughly enjoy drawing off the other’s energy to create the blend that they are known for. Gene’s love for Pop, Rock, and R&B, brings out a certain soulfulness in his singing that when coupled with Christopher’s acoustic guitar playing has resulted in quite a few original songs they recently released.


Christopher teams up with his old college roommate (Steve Stein) in the songs for Simplify., which is a project of Leo Music, LLC. Check out the Simplify. songs on the playlist page.